2 Ton Grip package $500/day

4x Baby stands  

4x Combo stands with Lollypops and casters

4x Low boy combo stands 

12x 40'' C stands

1x 20'' C stand

2x 8' baby boom arms with gobo head 

1x 6x6 Frame with corners and ears

6x6 rags: Solid x2, Ultra bounce, bleached muslin, Silver lama, Silk, 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, Hi-lite, Double net  

2x 8x8 Frame with corners and ears

8x8 rags: Ultra Bounce, Bleached Muslin, 1/4 Silk, Silk, 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, solid, Gold and Silver checker

2x Shiny boards

7x 4x4 floppy

2x 4x4 Ultra bounce floppy

5x 4x4 diffusion frame 

2x 4x4 Bead board/ silver bounce 

2x 2x4 Bead board/ silver bounce 

2x 3x3 diffusion frame

1x 2x3  Flag set 

1x 18''x24'' Flag set 

4x 18''x24'' Diffusion frame

4x Cardellini clamp

4x 8'' C clamp with baby pin 

2x Platypus clamp 

2x Scissor clips

2x Baby grid clamps

2x Jr. grid clamps 

1x Norms pin 

2x Baby pin to Jr. receiver 

1x 90 pin

12x 25 lbs sandbags 

4x Family of apple boxes 

4x 50' rope

5x Safety cables 

3x 50' stingers 

2x 25' stingers 

1x Set crate (Expendables)

1x Sandbag cart

1x 4x4 Cart

1x C stand cart

1x Hand truck dolly